OHS Energy Products

WellWallTM  Kenaf - Loss Circulation Material (LCM)

OHS Energy produces and sells WellWallTM Kenaf a loss circulation material (LCM). WellWallTM Kenaf LCM is used in water-based, oil-based or synthetic based drilling fluids and comes in different particle sizes of fine, medium and coarse. WellWallTM Kenaf LCM will improve and works as an additive with most drilling fluid formulas at a ratio of 6 to 8 pounds per barrel for normal drill-in and 10 to 12 pounds per barrel when experiencing high loss.
WellWallTM Kenaf is made from a plant called kenaf. The unique particles of kenaf are flakes and fiber rods which allow a filtercake to form very rapidly to reduce drilling fluid losses quickly. These kenaf particles work better than most other cellulose based loss circulation materials like shredded paper, walnut shells, ground cotton waste and other non-woody plant materials.

WellWallTM Crushed Mica - Loss Circulation Material (LCM)

WellWallTM Crushed Mica - Loss Circulation Material (LCM) is used in water based, oil based or synthetic based drilling muds. Our crushed mica is usually blended with either our calcium Carbonate LCM or our kenaf cellulose LCM. Coarser grades can be added to control high loss in fractured or porous formations and works good as part of almost all formulas. Fine mica grades pass through a 200 mesh shaker screen, so they can be used as part of a normal drilling mud formula.

WellWallTM Calcuim Carbonate - Loss Circulation Material (LCM)

WellWallTM Our Calciun Carbonate product is used in water based, oil based or synthetic based drilling muds. Our Calcium Carbonate LCM can be used on it own as it comes in fine, medium and coarse particle sizes or it can be mixed with our Mica LCM or our Kenaf LCM to achieve best results. Our calcium Carbonate is highly acid soluable so it is easy to clean out after drill-in is complete.

Our "LoneStar FracSand"

Our FracSand products are provided in two types of fracturing sands: a 40/70 grade high crush of 7000-8000 and a 100 mesh with a crush of 9000-10000 . Our frac sands are high grade quartzite and are competitive in price with other West Texas sand providers. We strive to deliver the best quality, best price, with on time deliveries.

Ceramic Proppants

OHS Energy Ceramic Proppant is a ultra-lightweight proppant, which reduces proppant settling and only requires low viscosity fluids to transport. Our ceramic proppants are made with high grade Georgia koalin and is "Made in USA". It penetrates far into branched fractures and provides better conductivity and higher production for longer periods of time. Higher production is why we fracture and our price is competitive with all other ceramic proppants. Strength and resistance to closure stress is very important and our proppant exceeds 12000 psi and we have higher psi proppants for high closure stress like deepwater/deep borehole applications. We have different ceramic proppants with different characteristics to meet your exact need or can provide customized ceramics. Our trucks deliver right to your rig site and are tracked with GPS to provide our logistics team and you with real time location and logistics updates.