INFORMATION ABOUT - OHS Energy Corporation
OHS Energy Corporation is a Houston, Texas headquartered company with a distribution facility in Odessa, Texas. We specialize in the Permian Basin, which includes the Delaware Basin and we also ship our products worldwide.
We produce a unique Loss Circulation Material (LCM) called WellWall TM. It is a special cellulose LCM product manufactured from a plant called kenaf. Kenaf has been grown since before the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. The Egyptians used the kenaf fiber for many household items and kenaf fiber was used to make sails for their boats, because it would not easily rot. OHS Energy uses kenaf to make our LCM product because it forms a filtercake quicker than most other LCMs to block the flow of drilling fluids escaping from the borehole. Once complete it also is easy to clean out for better production flow. The additional LCM materials that we stock and provide to our customers are crushed mica and calcium carbonate.

For your fracturing applications we sell and distribute top frac sands and ceramic proppants in different grades and sizes. Our ceramic proppant is sold in different sizes and hardness to provide the best conductivity and production flow. We also provide frac sand in any quantity that are 90%+ high grade quartz that have excellent crush resistance. Our engineers can help when you are trying to set up your LCM formulas for vertical or horizonal drilling. We are experienced in all types of fluids whether water based, oil based or synthetic based.

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