OHS Energy Corporation is a Houston, Texas headquartered company. We manufacture and provide drilling fluid loss circulation materials-under the brand name WellwallTM. We also sell fluid loss circulation materials made from crushed mica or calcium carbonate. Our fracking proppant products are called FracGreenTM. FracGreen proppants are ceramic spheres, manufactured to our customer's requirements and applications for size and hardness. We also sell and deliver to your rig site our high quality FracGreenTM sand proppants in Texas and can also ship by rail or truck to distribution or rig sites in other states.
OHS Energy is also an oil and gas exploration, development and operator in the Texas' Permian Basin. Our team has years of experience in drilling vertical and horizonal successful high production wells. Our team also has the varied experience drilling in different parts of the United States as well as: South America, Africa, Mid-East and Southeast Asia.
The OHS Energy logistics division can make sure that what you order is delivered on time and is the best quality. Our logistics team can also arrange shipments of our products by container to sites worldwide.
OHS Energy works for your success, then we are both successful.
  • WellwallTM Loss Circulation Materials

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  • OHS Energy manufactures WellwallTM Loss Circulation Material (LCM) in three sizes: coarse, medium and fine.
  • FracGreenTM Ceramic Proppants

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  • FracGreenTM Ceramic Proppants offer superior crush resistance and 40% better conductivity than resin sand.
  • FracGreenTM

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  • FracGreenTM Sand has high strength, excellent quartz structure with few impurities.